Monday, July 30, 2007

Bastimentos National Marine Park

One of the highlights of Panama´s Bocas del Toro is snorkeling in the coral forest in the National Marine Reserve. There is also an interpretive trail hike into the island, lunch hanging over the Caribbean, and a long boat ride through the many islands that make up the archipelago. The beach at our snorkeling site was as perfect as any I´ve found. - Mango Steve

Bocas del Toro

This Caribbean paradise is little known but it´s catching on fast since long-time visitors to Costa Rica discovered Panama´s Bocas del Toro has more to offer ...without the crowds. We stayed on Isla Careneros but there are many islands offering dozens of family-run lodging options. Water taxis outnumber cars in the islands 100 to 1. Only the main island has cars, but we walked from the airport to the water taxi terminal and saved $1. - Mango Steve