Sunday, October 7, 2007

Keep the tropics tropical

Our Carbon Karma

Travel is good for your soul and for humanity, but it is hard on our ecology and the environment. Airline travel creates a significant proportion of the world's global warming pollution, and it's growing faster than any other single source. Flying roundtrip from Seattle to C. America (7,000 miles) creates over one ton of carbon dioxide emissions, per passenger.

Changes In Latitude partners with TerraPass to help balance this equation. Changes In Latitude purchases greenhouse gas reduction offsets in the form of one Intercontinental Terrapass per client, which covers per passenger emissions from 20,000 miles of jet travel. TerraPass works by funding clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects throughout the U.S., including wind farms and biomass energy. TerraPass iis ndependently audited by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions, the leading certification agency in the renewable energy market.

If you would like to make an even greater impact, purchase a TerraPass to balance out the global warming impact of your driving and home energy use, or make a donation to Trees for the Future, winner of the United Nation's Earth Trusteeship Award. Trees for the Future plants trees in the humid tropics. Each tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide over it’s average lifetime of 40 years. Reforestation is part of the solution.

Join the global movement and “Take the Pledge” designed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore to solve the climate crisis.

Keep the tropics tropical!
~ Mango Steve

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