Friday, April 18, 2008

Brazil's Indigenous Rally

Goty Pataxó, originally uploaded by Kaká.

Up to 1000 indigenous peoples from tribes such as Goty's are campaigning this week outside of Brazil's Congress in Brasilia. Brazil turned 500 at the start of this decade yet its native peoples feel like foreigners in their own land.

The name of the event translates to “Camp Free Earth”. The goal is improving government policies toward peoples of the 20 Brazilian states represented. Brazil’s President and five of his ministers are attending today, hearing requests to develop a sustainable socio-economic model that offers an alternative to today's globalization that puts profits before people and humanity.

There are more than 200 tribes with roughly one-half million people remaining from a population of three million at the time of first contact by Europeans. Some tribes in the Amazon continue a policy of voluntary isolation from the modern world. If you find this fascinating, read this bulletin from the world rainforest movement:

For more information including opportunities for you to make a difference in Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, visit: ; or, to learn more before cultural interactions with indigenous tribes during your travel, visit: and

“No matter where we go, there we are.” – Don Ronaldo

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