Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cuba's UNESCO office

UNESCO just added a new cultural site to its list of 878 “World Heritage Sites”. It’s in the historic Centre of Camagüey, the birthplace of famous poet Nicolás Guillén. Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe (now Camagüey) was one of the seven villages founded by the Spaniards in the16th century in Cuba.

Guillén was a pioneer of "poesía negra" a mestizaje poetry that joined black and white cultural elements in a drum-like pentameter, to express life in Cuba. One of his favorite poems, "Tengo" is translated here.

UNESCO is hosting a National Workshop on the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in Cuba. For more information, contact Director Herman Van Hooff at habana@unesco.org,
Administrative Officer Ian Sanchez at i.sanchez@unesco.org, or

UNESCO Office Havana at:
Blanca Patallo Emperador,
Calzada N° 551 - Esq. a D,
Vedado Havana, Cuba

Phone 537/322 840; 327 741; 327 638
Fax 537/333 144
Email b.patallo@unesco.org.cu

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